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  • step 11- Brief
  • 1.1Definition Of Product
  • 1.2Idea Generation
  • step 22- Design
  • 2.1Research
  • 2.2Sketching
  • 2.3Initial 3D Model
  • 2.4Improvment Design
  • 2.5Fordism
  • 2.6Material Pallet
  • step 33- Enginearing Design
  • 3.1Final 3D Model
  • 3.2Prototyping
  • 3.3Drafting
  • 3.4Initial OPC
  • 3.5Initial BOM
  • 3.6Initial Price
  • step 44- Presentation
  • 4.1Description
  • 4.2Rendering
  • step 55- Producing Samples
  • 5.1Creat
  • 5.2Evaluation
  • step 66- Pre-Production
  • 6.1Initial Production
  • 6.2Final OPC
  • 6.3Final BOM
  • 6.4Final Price
  • step 77- Starting Production
  • 7.1Final Production
  • step 88- Present
  • 8.1MoneyShot
  • step 99- Hand Over
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Dezippy Middle East Team



The use of special cuts in the design of this product has made this product show a special effect. The lightness of this product, unlike being stone, is one of the advantages of this product, which is easy to use. This product is cut in such a way that it does not leave any extra pieces when cutting, and it is in such a way that it is easy to lift.

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