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  • step 11- Brief
  • 1.1Definition Of Product
  • 1.2Idea Generation
  • step 22- Design
  • 2.1Research
  • 2.2Sketching
  • 2.3Initial 3D Model
  • 2.4Improvment Design
  • 2.5Fordism
  • 2.6Material Pallet
  • step 33- Enginearing Design
  • 3.1Final 3D Model
  • 3.2Prototyping
  • 3.3Drafting
  • 3.4Initial OPC
  • 3.5Initial BOM
  • 3.6Initial Price
  • step 44- Presentation
  • 4.1Description
  • 4.2Rendering
  • step 55- Producing Samples
  • 5.1Creat
  • 5.2Evaluation
  • step 66- Pre-Production
  • 6.1Initial Production
  • 6.2Final OPC
  • 6.3Final BOM
  • 6.4Final Price
  • step 77- Starting Production
  • 7.1Final Production
  • step 88- Present
  • 8.1MoneyShot
  • step 99- Hand Over
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Designed By:
Dezippy Middle East Team

Accessories-Sculpture-Father and son


The product of «father and son» is a product of the heart and emotions of a father with his child. Instill a sense of security and peace in how it is placed in home or office decoration. It is a reminder of all the memories that we all experienced in our lives with our father. This product with its minimal design and comfortable construction in the shortest time and with the least heat material, the presence of the father around you.

accessories-sprinkler-zen accessories-candleholder-pillar-a-b accessories-sculpture-father-and-son accessories-candle-holder-pillar-c-d